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Doubles method

All Saints Doubles

Triples method

Five Rings Triples

Plain Major method

Double Norwich Court Bob Major

Delight Major method

Christmas Delight Major

Hampshire Surprise Major

Magna Carta Delight Major

March Delight Major

Surprise Major methods

Belfast Surprise Major

Cornwall Surprise Major

Deva Surprise Major

Ealing Surprise Major

Frodsham Surprise Major

Glasgow Surprise Major

Halloween Surprise Major

Kenninghall Surprise Major

Lessness Surprise Major

Hampshire Surprise Major

Caters methods

Ashford Little Bob Caters

Double Norwich Court Bob Caters

Erin Caters

Little Grandsire Caters

Standard Surprise Royal methods

Bristol Surprise Royal

Lincolnshire Surprise Royal

London No.3 Surprise Royal

Pudsey Surprise Royal

Rutland Surprise Royal

Superlative No.2 Surprise Royal

Other Royal methods

Carisbrooke Castle Delight Royal

Littleport Little Surprise Royal

Triton Delight Royal

XXV Surprise Royal

Cinques methods

Double Norwich Court Bob Cinques

Erin Cinques

Maximus methods

Forward Maximus

Sixty Little Bob Maximus

Surprise Maximus methods

Barford Surprise Maximus

Bristol Surprise Maximus

Cambridge Surprise Maximus

Horsleydown Surprise Maximus

Hursley Surprise Maximus

Lincolnshire Surprise Maximus

Littleport Little Surprise Maximus

Newgate Surprise Maximus

Orion Surprise Maximus

Pudsey Surprise Maximus

Superlative Surprise Maximus

Swindon Surprise Maximus

Yorkshire Surprise Maximus

Link to methods used in Norman Smith's 23 Spliced Surprise Major composition

Norman Smith 23 Spliced Surprise Major

These blue lines were produced from Martin Bright's excellent online methods database