Ringing Times

Sunday Morning Ringing

1st and 3rd Sundays ringing starts at about 0850 for the 0930 Service.

2nd, 4th and 5th Sundays ringing starts at 1010 for the 1100 Service.

Note that ringing now stops 5 minutes before the service start time.

Sunday Evening Ringing

Unfortunately, there is normally no Evensong service at Hursley. This means that we have lost our regular quarter peal slot.

Open Practice Night is Friday

Practices are held every Friday evening with two or three exceptions such as Holy Week and the tower AGM. The official practice runs from 1930 to 2100.


The tower is equipped with a Bagley Simulator and Abel Software which enables us to have practices which are virtually silent outside the tower. Each bell has to be silenced by fitting clapper stays before we can have a simulator practice. There is usually a simulator practice on Tuesday evenings from 7pm to 8pm with the specific objective of training bell handling. Sometimes there is a more advanced practice on Tuesdays from 8pm to 9pm. Simulator practices are usually restricted to six or eight bell ringing.

The tower laptop computer has the Judge software installed which takes input from the sensors on the bells. Judge displays an assessment of the striking quality as a percentage. We are also experimenting with strikeometer software to assess the standard of striking. This does not need the bells to be silenced and so we can use the software to assess all the Sunday morning and practice night ringing.

Peal Attempts

These are limited and are usually restricted to the winter months October to March.

If the number of peal applications exceed the vacant slots then a ballot is held at the Hursley AGM which is usually the first Friday in February.