Important Notice: The update system seems to be broken. If you download an update and TowerBase fails to load properly then delete the latest update.

TowerBase is currently unavailable for purchase or upgrade. A new version is being considered for web browsers (usable on PCs, tablets and mobile phones). Likely available date is first quarter of 2022. Progress is slow at the moment. Watch this space.


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TowerBase is a computer database program for PCs that run the Microsoft Windows operating system. It contains details of 7753 UK and overseas towers with bells hung for ringing in the English full circle style of ringing. It is of most interest and use to change ringers.

How to buy TowerBase

TowerBase costs fifteen pounds sterling. It is supplied on a CD. You will need a computer that runs Microsoft Windows (versions 95, 98, ME, 2000, NT, XP) and have about 2GB of free hard disk space (for the photos).

Issues with Windows Vista

There may be problems with running TowerBase under Windows Vista.

Issues with Windows 7 & 8

TowerBase seems to work okay when running under Windows 7 & 8. However, it is probably worth reading the notes.

TowerBase Photographs

TowerBase contains photos of 7577 towers. Find out what makes a good tower photograph, how to submit photographs to TowerBase and which towers still need photographs. There are only 176 unphotograhed towers left!

New Features

You can now be automatically notified by email when a new update file is uploaded to the server.

TowerBase Tips

How to get the best out of TowerBase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions before asking for help.


The latest versions of TowerBase allow you to access updated tower information from the internet.

The most recent update file is dated 23 July 2016 and can be obtained from here