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Frequently Asked Questions

I use the 'User Notes' to enter the occasion on which I first rang at a tower and that this can be very repetitive if there have been a lot of towers in a day. Can you implement cut and paste in User Notes?
This is now on a wish list for consideration but is unlikely to be implemented until January 2005.
When I try to register for updates, following your instructions, I get "Socket Error #11004" when I click OK in the TowerBase - Registration for Online Updates dialogue box.
The most likely cause is that your Firewall is blocking TowerBase from accessing the Internet. You should be able to configure your Firewall to permit TowerBase Internet access.
I always receive the message 'Invalid Update file c:\program Files\Tower base\096CB41D.tbu'. However, clicking 'OK' still let me into the program.
The most likely reason is that you are trying to download an update to an unregistered copy of TowerBase. The best thing to do is uninstall TowerBase, reinstall TowerBase and the re-register it. You may need to contact TowerBase support ( to un-register your copy of TowerBase.
How much does a TowerBase upgrade cost?
TowerBase upgrades cost ten pounds sterling. However, if you order an upgrade within 12 months of your original purchase or previous upgrade then the cost is only five pounds sterling.
What is the difference between an update and an upgrade?
Updates can be download free from the Internet. An update brings the tower data up to date. An upgrade brings you the latest version of the photos file and the actual TowerBase program itself.
Where is the OK button that has to be clicked to register TowerBase?
You may find that the OK button is not visible on some of the screens if you run your Windows system using anything but Normal Fonts.