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92% of the 10076 photos in TowerBase have been sent in by TowerBase users. I would like to record my thanks to all those ringers who have submitted photos for inclusion in TowerBase. You can find a complete list of TowerBase photoraphers here.

How to submit your own photos to TowerBase

Photos of towers are always welcome if they are of unphotographed towers or significantly better than the existing TowerBase photograph. Please send a JPEG image of a tower to The filename of the image should begin with the letters 'TB' followed by the TowerBase identifier which can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the screen, followed by a space and then the name of the tower. For example, the file name for Hursley, Hampshire is

TB2608 Hursley, Hants.jpg

The critical part is the first 6 characters of the file name. They must tie up with the correct TowerBase identifier otherwise the photo will be assigned to the wrong tower.

Leading zeros should be added to the file name if the TowerBase identifier is less than 1000. For example, the filename for Abbey Dore is

TB0001 Abbey Dore, Herefs.jpg

Photos should be jpeg files with a minimum resolution of around 640 x 480 pixels and a maximum resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels. Typically this should give a jpeg file size between 64KB and 225KB.

Please only send photographs for which you own the copyright (ie towers you have photographed yourself).

What makes a good tower photograph?

Which towers need photographs?

The following 13 towers need photographing:

TB idCity or TownCountyNameGrid Ref
TB7843BamptonWestmorlandS PatrickNY521180
TB7657Church LawfordWarwickshirePlantagenet RingSP451761
TB7830Exeter Cathedral SchoolDevonDenmischunknown
TB7840HarlestonNorfolkBattam Sixunknown
TB7854IngleburnNew South WalesHoly Familyoverseas
TB7812mobile ringmobile ringChatham, NJ Portable Mini Ringmobile ring
TB7806mobile ringmobile ringJohn David Ringmobile ring
TB7841mobile ringmobile ringKennett Micro-Ringmobile ring
TB7836mobile ringmobile ringThe Rainbow Ringmobile ring
TB7855NorwichNorfolkMancroft Ringing Discovery Centre000000
TB6167St NeotsHuntingdonshireParkway CampanileTL187610
TB7832St WinnowCornwallS WinnowSX115569

Or click on the county name. The number of unphotographed towers is in parenthesis. Note the flexible use of county name in the case of overseas towers and mobile ring is considered to be a county.

Cornwall (1)  Devon (1)  Hampshire (1)  Huntingdonshire (1)  mobile ring (4)  New South Wales (1)  Norfolk (2)  Warwickshire (1)  Westmorland (1) 

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