TowerBase - Updates

Versions of TowerBase distributed from July 2004 have the update feature. The update feature enables you to download the latest TowerBase data from the Internet. There is no charge for downloading updates.

TowerBase updates are only valid for registered copies of TowerBase. You may not download a TowerBase update if you have not registered your copy of TowerBase. You can only register TowerBase on one computer only.

Note that updates do not include new tower photographs. If you need new tower photographs then you need a TowerBase upgrade.

Download the latest TowerBase update here dated 23 July 2016

Unfortunately my ISP decided to change the domain name used by its customers from to - which meant that old versions of TowerBase were unable to download updates. However, you can manually download the latest update from here.

Right mouse click this link and select Save Link As from the pop-up menu. You should save the .tbu file in the same folder that contains your copy of towerbase.exe which by default is C:\program files\towerbase