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The tower photographs are an important part of TowerBase. Although I intended to photograph all the towers myself, I was soon inundated with tower photographs from enthusiastic TowerBase users. The following table lists all those who have one or more photographs in TowerBase. The table only includes primary photographs. Many towers have additional photos but these are not recorded in this list. Once again, I would like to record my thanks for the many miles travelled by TowerBase photographers. By all accounts they've enjoyed the experience.

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Photographer Photo Count Secondary Photos
Geoff Stickland10330
David Kelly7020
Andrew G Craddock5060
Gordon J Hill3500
Garry S Barr3480
Derek Butterworth2760
Peter Romney2740
John Walton2140
David G Salter1980
Bob Southwood1860
William J Hall1850
Alex Hunt1550
John Pollard1550
Peter C Kirby1440
Ian Hastilow1380
Graham F Coker1300
Nigel Westmancott1160
Geoff Pick1140
Andrew R Aspland1020
Neil Williams1000
Martyn J Marriott980
Paul Evans900
Peter Marshall900
Mike Fradd890
Paul Harrison850
Roy LeMarechal790
Don Beach770
John A Cater640
John Hallett580
Tim Jackson530
Victoria Jackson520
Elizabeth Johnson500
Dickon R Love490
Andrew L Mainwaring420
Caroline Hunt380
Peter Sherdley380
Peter W McCoy370
Ken Parker360
Mike Neale330
Heather Peachey300
John Adams280
Steve Barton260
A J Barnfield240
Susan F Craddock230
John H Allen220
Edward Colliss220
Lorna Smale210
Anne Deebank200
Wendy Furey200
Oliver Hall200
Geoffrey Brewin190
Elizabeth Dunford180
Peter W Hill170
Nick Bowden160
Christine R Hill160
Ian Alexander150
Ian Carey150
Julian McCready150
Peter Bridle130
Mark Esbester130
Ray Hutchings130
Ann Evans120
Michael Barnicott-White110
David M Salter110
Mike Ellis100
Julian P van Geersdaele100
Bill Hall100
Don Jones100
Alison Grey90
Chris Brown80
Douglas Davis80
John Kirk80
Malcolm H Bland70
Celia Carter70
Paul Mason70
Katharine J Salter70
Michael Williams70
Andrew Downs50
Matthew Higby50
Patricia Holmes50
Martin Jones50
Andy Marchant50
Jamie McCallion50
Joanne Parker50
Chris Stokes50
E John Arthur40
Dave Bailey40
David Bryant40
Mike Chester40
Steve Hough40
Quentin Jackson40
Bryan Kitson40
Courtesy of Manchester Central Library40
Sally A Mason40
P Mary Beach30
Howard Collings30
Colin Cook30
David A Cornwall30
Michael Cotgrove30
Stephen J Crane30
Neil Donovan30
Julie Hayes30
Melvyn J Hiller30
Gill Hughes30
Peter Humphreys30
Stuart C W Hutchieson30
David Leach30
Martin Mansley30
Aaron Moulder30
Jenny Pick30
Ian Self30
Clive Smith30
Ted Steele30
May Bullen20
Stephen Carter20
Steve Castle20
James Grant20
Trisha Hawkins20
Pauline Kennard20
Douglas Kitson20
Courtesy of Bath Central Library20
Courtesy of Birmingham Central Library20
James Mort20
Courtesy of Dr David Neave20
Christopher Pain20
Mike Seagrave20
Peter Sotheran20
Richard M Thompson20
Sheila Ware20
Julian T Watson20
Roger Webb20
Roy Williams20
Mark A Wilson20
Margaret Wolverson20
Stephen Young20
Keith Allen10
Sue Allen10
Sam Austin10
David Bagley10
Alan E M Bagworth10
Susan Bailey10
Roger Barber10
Judy Barker10
Philip Barnes10
William Barter10
Adam Beer10
John Bellamy10
John Bevis10
William Bickers-Jones10
Roderic Bickerton10
Alan Birney10
Amanda Blackmore10
Elisabeth A G Bowden10
Ken Brown10
Paul Brown10
Robert Brown10
Bill Buckner10
Penny Chambers10
Sally Cheesman10
Alistair Christison10
Peter Clifton10
Rob Clive10
Alan Collings10
Graham P Cottle10
Cyril J Crouch10
Duncan Davis10
Phil Denton10
Michael Dew10
Alistair Donaldson10
Claire Downs10
Geoffrey R Drew10
John Ford10
Simon Fraser10
Maureen Frost10
Roger Gage10
Andrew Giles10
Paul R Graupner10
David Gregory10
Earlsheaton History Group10
John Hayes10
Roger W Haynes10
James Hodkin10
Martin Hough10
Jason W Hughes10
Nicky Hughes10
David G Hull10
John Illingworth10
Priscilla Inkpen10
Michael Innes10
David James10
Jean Jeffery10
Paul Jopp10
Mary Kelly10
John Kennett10
Paul Kibby10
Carole Kirby10
Paul de Kok10
Robin G Leale10
Colin Lewis10
Liverpool Libraries10
Birmingham Reference Library10
Courtesy of Bradford Library10
John Lingley10
Alan Marchbank10
Janet Marshall10
Sue Marshall10
Fiona Le Masurier10
Andrew J McCoy10
Judith S McCoy10
Adrian Mckerlie10
Andy Mead10
Stuart Mills10
Hayley Morris10
Don Morrison10
Dover Museum10
Robert Naylor10
Courtesy of The Bolton News10
Sentinel Newspapers10
Peter Newton10
Clifford R Nicholls10
English Heritage NMR10
John Norris10
Richard Offen10
David Ogden10
Jeremy Owen10
Tracy Padden10
John Palk10
Vicar of Clapham Park10
Anthony Parry10
John P Partington10
Michael Payne10
By permission of S Paul's PCC10
Mossley Hill PCC10
Adrian Peacock10
Chris Pickford10
Mark Place10
Richard Prentis10
John Proudfoot10
Rachel Pusey10
Liam Riley10
Tim Rose10
Marion Salter10
Barry Saunders10
Revd Peter Scholfield10
Bristol Library (local studies section)10
Paul R Sharples10
Gordon Slack10
Jeff Smith10
Eric E Speake10
Mark Stickland10
Ian Stonehouse10
Scott Stricker10
John Sunderland10
Carol Taylor10
Grimsby Evening Telegraph10
Richard Thomas10
Jennie Town10
Chris Trafford10
John Turner10
Dawn Uebelhart10
Keith Underwood10
Ray Urwin10
John White10
Ian Wigmore10
Andrew W R Wilby10
Paul Williamns10
Robert Wood10
Tony Woodliffe10
Brian J Woodruffe10
Darren Woodyer10
Courtesy of The Ringing World10
Arthur Wright10